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Santa Claus Interview video

Discover the exclusive interview of Santa Claus. The old man is telling about Santa Claus Village, reindeer, Rovaniemi etc. Go to the video

Santa Claus' Reindeer Ride

Santa Claus needs to train his reindeer for the Christmas. Discover the unique Santa's unique reindeer ride video.

Introduction of Santa Claus Village

Discover some of the main attractions of the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in wintertime. See the video

Visit of Santa Claus Village

Discover unique scenes taken in one day in Santa Claus Village. See the video.

Santa Claus and reindeer

Santa’s reindeer get magical powers from the delicious lichen. The Elves were well aware of this fact, and decided to take Santa Claus on a reindeer ride in the Santa Claus Village! See the video.

Santa Claus and the puppies

The Elves came up with an excellent idea to join Santa in meeting his beloved animal friends at the Santa Claus Village. The atmosphere of the snowy forests of the frozen morning at the Arctic Circle is truly magical! See the video.

A trip to meet Santa

The children of Syväsenvaara School decided to send cheerful greetings to other children around the world. They made a joint Christmas card and donated their own much loved toys to India. On the trip, there was a lot of playing in the snow and a meeting with Santa Claus. See the video

Santa Claus sledging

On Shrove Sunday families enjoy moments together having fun in the snow and the wintry outdoors. At the Santa Claus Village, even Santa was enthusiastically sledging with the children. Take a look at the video.

Letters to Santa Claus

The letters received from children all over the world are increasingly asking for more time to spend with family and friends in place of wishing for Christmas gifts. The hard-working elves help Santa with reading all the letters, and came up with a marvellous idea!
See the video.

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