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Nightless Night

The tale tells that a person who crosses the Arctic Circle during midsummer and full moon with a rabbit’s foot in the pocket and clover in the hand, and says the right spell, will for a short time be given the strength of a wolverine, the eyes of a snowy owl and the speed of a reindeer. Try to make sure you cross the Arctic Circle at precisely the right time. But hold on, how can you see a full moon during the summer night if the sun shines all the time? It’s probably best to ask Santa Claus…

In midsummer Lapland the sun shines day and night, and the further north you go, the longer the sun shines. This phenomenon is due to the Earth’s axis being tilted in respect to its orbit around the Sun.

The nightless night is best experienced in the Northern Arctic Circle regions in not only Finland, but also for instance in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Canada and Alaska.

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