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Santa Claus Main Post Office

Santa Claus Main Post OfficeWelcome to the colourful Christmas world of beautiful cards, stamps and unique gifts. Sit by the fireplace and write to your friends all over the world. The cheerful Postal Elves will post your greetings for you, whether it’s Christmas or the middle of summer.

Make friends and relatives happy by ordering a Santa Claus Letter, which will be sent by Santa Claus before Christmas. All post will be stamped by hand using the special postmark of the Santa Claus Post Office.

P.S. The secret behind the red post box; all letters put through here will be sent for Christmas.

You can send a letter to Santa Claus using this address:
Santa Claus
Santa Claus Main Post Office
FI-96930 Arctic Circle

(Please be sure to write the country name FINLAND in all capital letters in the mailing address to ensure proper delivery)

» Operating in the Santa Claus Village since 1950.

Santa Claus Main Post Office

Tähtikuja 1, FI-96930 Napapiiri
Tel. 020 4523 120
Fax. 016 3481 418

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